Back to School!

Start of the new school year for my son. Start of a new blog for me. Getting us both on track and making life amazing!

What did you do this summer?

Are you ready to start a new routine while your child starts a new class year? Are you integrating something to make steps toward long-time goals? Just like Dive, parents are at the mercy of a school schedule. But treat that as your personal fiscal year to begin again after a summer of less structure, travel, and fun.

Here are some highlights from our travels and home fun.

In June, we traveled to Philly to start our summer with Dad. We headed back to Dallas in July while we did swimming, yoga, and gymnastics camp for Archer. I was working without a nanny most of the time, so I became super-creative in juggling our days! I had to balance when I could work but also entertain my kid with things that would expand his mind. We spent some time exploring our neighborhood, which is always fun. And then we took off to California in August to spend time with family and friends before returning to get ready for school.

The restaurant can feel when people are not on their regular school routines – people travel, eat differently, and Dive adapts to a slightly different rhythm. With that, I’m able to have more time with my son and our staff gets a chance to take a short vacation with their families.

With school back in session, Dive felt the heat and so did the traffic, the schools, and the grocery stores.... things were back in full swing!

I’ll be posting some fun lunch ideas that work for Archer and me. PLUS: we are bringing back the shaved Artichoke salad this week (one of my faves)!

Speaking of artichokes, I’m launching a brand-new, personal instagram venture – @Artichoke_Mama to show more of my life, food I love, ways I parent, and fun things me and my sidekick do. I’ll also be posting on nutrition, health, and fun recipes!

More to come soon.

xo, Franchesca

Franchesca Nor