Decade of Dive: Volume 3

Back when I opened Dive in 2010, my plan was to be open for brunch with a whole new brunch menu.  Three months after we opened, I did open for brunch.  I loved the menu: gluten-free pancakes, smoked salmon and egg scrambles, brulee’d grapefruit, I mean, it truly was delicious. However, staffing, ordering, and getting rid of our product was not so easy or so economical.  At the time many were requesting private catering, which I had not intended to do. After years of catering in Miami, I was slightly against it. But as a new business owner – you have to know when to listen and adjust to what the public is responding to. That is how you learn what your revenue streams will be. 

After four months of brunch, we decided to stop serving on Sundays and make that day our official day of rest.  We could work with the same kitchen staff six days a week, which gave us consistency in our food preparation – and our staff very much appreciated a day with their families. Dive is all about family so it was a decision that suited us.  I’ve heard so many people ask me why we aren’t open Sundays and that’s the reason!.

 This brings me to our catering – I have the fondest memories of my family holiday food and decided that should be our next move in Dive’s family catering.  Our holiday menus are full of my childhood memories and recipes, and I love to help other families create new memories! 

 My mother loved to make big, grandiose dinners with tons of food, a big turkey, and sometimes even a duck with all sorts of sides and sauces. She also always threw a fancy, decadent holiday party with live music and a chef cooking in our kitchen, sending out corn belinis and caviar.  Kitchens didn’t have large open floor plans in the eighties; so, as a child, I would sit in the kitchen with the chef and his/her staff (naturally) and loved to see them knock out dishes; posting all their equipment all over the kitchen, it was a show in itself.  I learned things back then and I didn’t even realize it until I was an adult in the food business. 

 Now, at Dive I want to help our customers create those memories for their children. I am always open to cooking in your kitchen this holiday season. Most commonly though, we make dishes to take and reheat for more intimate family get togethers, where YOU can take all the credit! We will brine and prepare a turkey for you to take and roast in your own oven at home. Along with any side you can think of.  We make it all!! There are a few sides that are my traditional family fixings and those are on the below menu… let us know how we can help you this holiday season.

xo, Franchesca

2019 Dive Holiday Menu - 4x6-01.png
Franchesca Nor